Frequently Asked Questions

What is SuperX OS?

SuperX is a computer operating system based on GNU/Linux which uses a modified KDE Plasma 5 as its desktop interface. SuperX is an open source project, and is developed by the community and is supported by Libresoft.

What is the base system of SuperX?

SuperX is based on KDE Neon, which is in turn based on Ubuntu LTS, which based on Debian Testing.

SuperX also includes packages outside of KDE Neon and Ubuntu, directly fetched from other sources.


What is the update policy of SuperX?

SuperX, as based on KDE Neon, is a semi-rolling OS, hence the application layer is always kept updated fresh.

The core of the system is an LTS i.e Long Term Support, so the kernel and other core utilities are feature frozen and are provided with security updates.

To increase stability SuperX implements "repo staging" i.e we hold back packages from the application layer and updates are provided each month.

Security updates are not held back and are provided as soon as available.


What are the prices of SuperX?

SuperX is free of cost for anyone to download and use. SuperX runs on sponsorhip and donations by its users and organisations who support the cause.

Can I use the SuperX for my office computers?

SuperX can be used for any purpose as the user wants, however SuperX does not come with professional support or warrenty so you may consider using SuperX Pro for professional or commercial use.

What is SuperX Pro and how it is different?

SuperX is a community-driven operating system and open source project. It has no commercial motivation and hence it do not come with professional support and targeted towards individuals, students and home users.

On the other hand, SuperX Pro is a deriavative of SuperX. SuperX Pro will be release soon, and will be based on code-base of SuperX.

Can I redistribute copies of SuperX?

Yes you can redistribute SuperX provided its non-commercial in nature. The non-commercial use restriction is based on trademark law and does not restrict your rights on GPL or other open source code.

If you intend to do commercial distribution, please contact Libresoft for a trademark license at [email protected].

How do I install SuperX when I already have an OS installed on my system?

You can always dual boot SuperX with Windows or any other operating system. Please check our Wiki for documentation.