Download SuperX 5.0 Lamarr

SuperX 5.0 Lamarr comes with 4 years of security, maintenance, and standard support.

Read the release notes here. Click here for the checksum.


SuperX is free of cost and heavily relies on your donations. Please consider donating to the project.

Need help?

The following resources should help you get started!

Community Forum

What's the better way to get support than asking the vibrant and every growing community of SuperX?
Come and join us in the SuperX forum, and get your problems solved, make new friends and help others as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

The most asked questions, already answered!
The FAQ is a curated list of most popular questions that new SuperX users often asks. Maybe your question is already answered! If not feel free to ask in the forums.

SuperX Wiki

The place you will find articles and step-by-step guide for many aspects of SuperX. The SuperX wiki is a collaborative effort to generated quality documentation for the SuperX OS.