The AMTRON SuperX Hardware Certification Programme

SuperX ships with thousands of devices each year, and to ensure a quality experience to the end-user, we along with our partner, Assam Electronics Development Corporation Ltd. (AMTRON), we have come up with the AMTRON SuperX Hardware Certification Programme.

What is covered under the certification programme?

We try to ensure that your hard there is an out of the box experience for the end-user when you certify your hardware i.e Laptops and Desktops for the SuperX OS. This includes testing of all hardware functionality of the device and making sure they are compatible with the latest release of SuperX. This programme is a joint effort of Libresoft and AMTRON to bring quality open source software on the latest hardware devices. Prominent hardware OEMs such as HP and Lenovo have already joined the certification programme, to ensure the best user experience for their users.

Certify your devices!

If you are a hardware OEM, and wants to certify your laptop and desktop offerings, please write to us at: [email protected] and we shall get back to you.