A question came over to our forum, that how to increase panel height in SuperX?

Since, we have focus on being as user friendly as possible, we have removed all controls, which might have caused inconsistent user experience. Removing the control for increasing the height of the panel was also one of them. But that does not mean you cannot increase the height at all. Here’s how.

Get into the desktop console!

To increase the height of the panel we have to go to the Plasma Desktop Console.

To open the Plasma Desktop Console, hit Alt+X in keyboard. This will bring up the run command dialog. Click on the wrench icon, on the left side of the Run Command dialog, this will bring up a list of option as shown below:



Scroll down and check Plasma Desktop Console as shown in the above screenshot, and click Apply and then OK.

Now, again in the Run Command dialog you need to exactly type in desktop console  as shown in the screenshot below and hit enter.


Now the Desktop Shell Scripting Console should show up.


In the Desktop Shell Scripting Console copy-paste code: [mark]panelById(panelIds[0]).height = height in pixels;[/mark]  as shown in the screenshot below:


Replace the height in pixels with your desired height in pixels and click Execute button. And that’s it!

Please note that changing the height, or modifying the system using the Desktop Console is not covered by support services provided by Libresoft, and you are on your own if anything breaks and will have to rely on community support in our forum.

So, if you are paying for support we do not recommend modifying the system using hacks like these.