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Release Announcement/Notes for SuperX 2.1 “Ada”


This is SuperX 2.1, codename “Ada”.


What's new?

SuperX 2.1 “Ada” is a minor update to Darwin and contains mostly performance tweaks and updated software stack. This release is name after Ada Lovelace, one of the pioneers of computing, she is often described as world's first computer programmer. If you have installed Darwin and constantly updating it, you are probably running Ada at the moment as we updated the packages few weeks ago but no downloadable ISOs were available then. For those are not aware of changes that came with our previous release - Darwin, we've enlisted top changes that came with Darwin and are continuing and changes that are specific to Ada.

Minor Release (Continuation from Darwin): Starting SuperX 2.0 “Darwin” we adopted a whole new release model which differs fundamentally with previous 1.x releases. We are now going our own way, making a diversion from our upstream distribution. SuperX 2.1 is a way forward to that diversion.

We still use Ubuntu codebase but starting from Darwin release we only use the LTS versions and development is done on its solid foundation. But unlike other solid, stability concerned Linux OS, we provide the latest user land software. We are keeping our core stable but will provide latest and greatest apps, all tested before we push them to you. One note, "latest" here doesn't mean bleeding edge. We provide relatively new versions of apps as compared to Ubuntu LTS provided that they clear all our tests. Tests includes KDE desktop integration, Stability and Usability etc..

User Experience: As an effort of enhancing user experiencing in Ada we’ve decided to remove certain software from the default selection that doesn’t play well with SuperX (or at least as we want them to be) or if they have a very specialized audience which complements SuperX’s goal of being a general purpose/daily driver OS.
Major Applications removed from the default install are:

1. Firefox - Yes it is a great browser, but Chromium plays better with SuperX, especially when it comes to global menu integration.

2. Blender - Very specialized application, showcases the power of open source development. We removed it because the “real” use of this great software is limited to 3D designers/animators only.

Apart from this, we've updated KDE to 4.10.5, the final increment in the 4.10 series. KDE 4.11.x packages are still under testing.

32-bit edition: SuperX 2.0 Darwin was 64 bit only, but we promised to come up with a 32 bit version also. SuperX 2.1 is now available in both 32-bit (PAE) and 64-bit architectures.

What left out?

We said few weeks ago that we'll make an 'wrapper' script for SuperX that will allow users use package manager commands for non-Debian distros in SuperX. We've postponed it until next release due to some technical reasons.

Known issues

Plasma Theme “whiten” at times: Sometimes Plasma theme “whitens”, the transparency is gone and it doesn’t look good although no impact on performance is noticed. You can fix it by running “superx-theme-refresh” from the Terminal.


We hope that you will have fun using SuperX 2.1 "Ada" as much as we did while developing it. As a part of effort to bring latest applications, we are now open to suggestions from the community. If your favorite app just made a new release and yet not available on SuperX, you can submit an application update request at: We'll than test it and if it passes, we'll push an update.


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Re: Release Announcement/Notes for SuperX 2.1 “Ada”

wow!! looks interesting big_smile


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Re: Release Announcement/Notes for SuperX 2.1 “Ada”

now I'm using it. nice and cool look ...


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