Download SuperX 2.1 "Ada"

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Location Status Provider Download
Germany Online LayerJet 32-bit          64-bit
USA Online Linux Freedom External Link
Singapore Online TechnoFAQ/Guwahati Startups 32-bit          64-bit Online 32-bit          64-bit
Torrent Online P2P 32-bit          64-bit

Help SuperX to get better

You can help SuperX to get better by funding a part of it's development. The amount you donate will be directly used in open source development and insfracstructure upgrades. So if you like SuperX and want us to continue the good work, help us by donating.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I use, 32-bit or 64-bit?

Depends upon your computer's configuration. If your computer has less than 4GB or RAM and an older CPU like Intel Dual-core or alike, than you should go with 32-bit.

64-bit is the newer architecture and is recommended for newer computers having more than 4GB of RAM and multi-core CPU. Not all applications are yet available natively for 64-bit, so if you use applications like Skype or PlayOnLinux, it is recommended to use 32-bit.

Which mirror will be best to download?

You should use the mirror which is nearer to your current location. Using mirrors nearer to your location will help you download faster.

What is this "Torrent" option here?

Torrent files are metadata files that contains instructions to download the actual file. To download using torrent files, you need to install a BitTorrent client and open the .torrent file with it.

Torrents are often preffered over direct HTTP downloads as they provide faster download speeds in some cases.

How can I know that the ISO I downloaded is accurate and complete?

To know if the ISO you downloaded is accurate and complete, please calculate the MD5 hash of the ISO and compare it to the one given in this page. If they are same that you have the right ISO image.

Depending upon the operating system you are currently using, please do a web search on how to calculate MD5 hash.

Why donate? Isn't SuperX a commercial product?

Not exactly. SuperX as a software product itself is not commercial and is an open source project. Since our inception in 2011 we have let the world download SuperX for no cost.

Libresoft, the startup that currently funds SuperX only provides hosting expenses. Libresoft's business model is to provide services around SuperX and is committed to it, but the road is not easy. Money from donations are sent to developers who work on SuperX and not Libresoft. This is a way to encourage the developers to continue the good work.

MD5 Hashes

Edition Hash
32-bit 91a0e7796d60e30cc875793dc14bdcde
64-bit fb26a7a72e638afe35d355a68e2884b1