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conf.kde.in heads to hometown of SuperX!

The annual developer conference of KDE India, conf.kde.in, this year heads towards Guwahati, the city of eastern light and hometown to Libresoft and SuperX. conf.kde.in is a platform for Qt/KDE contributors, developers and enthusiasts to come together, share their knowledge, contribute, learn and play. Many veterans in open source software development, will be joining in the event, the first of its kind in North East India. Libresoft […]

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SuperX 3.0 “Grace” is now available

Today, we’re proud to announce the release of our next flagship version – SuperX 3.0, codenamed – Grace. This version is named in honor of the great computer scientist – Grace Hopper. The word “Grace” in English language also means, which highlights our vision for a smooth and elegant operating system. That vision will be realised in every aspect of Grace. Grace […]

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